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Rough Grade  |  Finish Grade  |  Slope Repair  |  Stabilize Soils

At Mark Company we pride ourselves on integrating the natural landforms of the site with the proposed project program to create an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional and cost-effective site plan and grading design. We consider function and utility, as well as aesthetics. We understand how to re-form the land surface to make it compatible with the intended land use. Working with our clients we approach site development in a way that will establish and control the new drainage patterns and help define the character and aesthetics of the site.


We approach grading from a different perspective, analyzing for the soils and finding methods for reducing import and export materials and reutilizing materials that already exist onsite. For this reason, Mark Company excels at infill grading projects because we understand and analyze the job site, calculating the foundation, pipeline and footing spoils to ensure that we utilize the material onsite and minimize the need export and import material. We will look at pavement sections in a way that best manages the dirt and materials onsite.


Mark Company can deliver all of your grading needs. Our grading services include demolition; rough grading; finish grading; site development; site clearing; road construction; compaction; and importing and exporting.

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