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Dry Utilities

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Mark Company specializes in complex dry utility projects that many contractors don’t want to deal with. We excel at projects where there is extensive work in the street, where there are numerous difficult utility crossings or where there is a need to work in tight spaces. We have delivered projects from simple dry utilities through difficult runs of 400ft with over 70 different utility crossings. We delivered this project (a project that other contractors wouldn’t even bid with a hard cost) successfully, on budget and under schedule!


Many contractors are less willing to work in the street due to traffic control and pavement repair considerations. Here at Mark Company we have no problem working in the street and will not only complete the dry utilities installation but repair and complete the street to make sure it is ready to turn back over to the city.


If you have a difficult project involving great depths, difficult runs, numerous crossings, and repair of curb, concrete, and pavements we have the skills and expertise to deliver on your project.

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