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Asphalt Paving

Residential Tracts  |  Commercial Sites  |  Industrial Sites  |  Arterial Highways |  Access Roads  |  Bike Trails

Mark Company owns a fleet of grading and paving equipment and is dedicated to providing the best asphalt paving services and products to meet your needs and specifications. We are a full-service asphalt paving contractor with over thirty years of experience, specializing in asphalt paving and maintenance.


Our senior paving foreman has worked for Mark Company over 31 years and brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience in all aspects of asphalt paving. Our crews construct streets in residential tracts, commercial parking lots, arterial highways, access roads, and bike trails. We also perform the demolition and reconstruction of parking lots, streets and turn lanes. While we can deliver on any project large or small, we specialize in projects other contractors don’t want. Mid-size (30-150k square feet) infill paving where there is significant paving onsite and in the city right of way.


Whether it is a property owner in need of new parking lot paving, or new asphalt roads to be laid out for residential tracts, we have the best industry professionals working for our company, delivering the highest quality paving. We have become one of the most trusted local companies due to our industry expertise and experience, our professionalism, and ability to deliver exactly what our client needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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