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Experience...Our answer to your needs since 1964

Mark Company is a well-established and well-trusted subcontractor for general engineering services. Unlike other contractors, Mark Company provides a comprehensive, specialized service in all aspects of site development. Whether you have a singular need for a specific trade, or whether you want us to take all of the complexity away by delivering a full site demolition and development service, we have the skills, experience, and expertise in every area to deliver what you need.


Working with multiple contractors who only specialize in one or two specific trades can create additional problems for project managers, especially where contractors do not have a complete end-to-end understanding of the entire site demolition and development process.


This is where Mark Company excels!


In-house Mark Company can provide, traffic control, demolition, grading, relocation of wet utilities, curbs gutters, walks and drives, asphalt paving.   We have strategic vendors who allow us to include traffic control plans, shoring plans, streetlights, signals, and striping to provide a complete off-site improvement package.   By providing a complete package we eliminate the budget holes, co-ordination difficulties, and schedule durations that occur when using multiple subs. Mark Company is the only contractor in Southern California able to self-perform and provide a comprehensive, multi-skilled and multi-trade infrastructure to meet all of your needs.  We are a subcontractor and a turnkey construction contractor, providing a complete and comprehensive line of general engineering construction services. We can take your construction projects from the design and engineering phase to site demolition, and ultimately to complete site development, providing expertise and support at every stage.


We have been providing general engineering contracting services for more than 50 years and have grown our capabilities and knowledge in all areas in order to meet our client’s needs. We have completed thousands of infrastructure projects in residential tracts, multi-family housing complexes, and commercial projects in Southern California and have extensive experience in performing infill and redevelopment projects. Whether we are providing a single trade or a complete service, our in-house expertise across all aspects of site development and general engineering, and our unique understanding of every stage, often means our clients are able to save money on projects and time on schedules. Our ability to construct all site infrastructure improvements eliminates multiple contracts and the problems associated with managing multiple contractors. Field schedules are easier to coordinate resulting in shorter response time. There is no confusion as to which subcontractor might be responsible for a problem.


Founded in 1964 Mark Company has built an exceptional reputation for its ability to fast-track construction projects while bringing them in on budget, adhering the highest quality standards, and providing a unique level of understanding and support. At Mark Company we focus on exceeding expectations, building trust and relationships, collaboration, technical proficiency, and value in every aspect of our construction service. We are the preferred supplier of general engineering contracting services to developers and contractors in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties


Quality Work, Great Rates



Rough Grade
Finish Grade
Slope Repair
Stabilize Soils



Storm Drain
Fire Line/Services
Storm Water Clarifier



Curb and Gutters
Drive Approaches
Flat Work
Concrete Paving
Decorative Concrete



Residential Tracts
Commercial Sites
Industrial Sites
Arterial Highways
Access Roads
Bike Trails



Storm Drain Channel
Retaining Walls
Building Slabs

Cracked Asphalt


Parking Lots
Seal Coat
Concrete R & R

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